We provides first class service in the oil and gas industry.

Webb Energy is in the forefront of oil and gas services and oil trading in the Nigeria economy as well as in the West African region.

Webb Energy is a company consisting of a number of process and oil servicing companies all housed under the same roof providing first class service in the oil and gas industry. We take pride in the success our company has made not only in the oil and gas services sector but, also in consulting provided to power companies involved in generation, distribution and transmission of the different Energy sourcess.

Our policy is to continually build towards the development of a flexible and open minded team with the ability to pursue high-return projects that connect fast growing markets with energy resource and leverage successes into new apportunities in Africa. Our major resource is our personnel who have created a dynamic fusion of cultures both from the west African region and Europe as a whole. Bridging values, principles and work ethics that bring about cultural synergics in the work environment.



10, Gerard Road, Ikoyi
Lagos - Nigeria.


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