Webb Energy provides first class service in the oil and gas industry

We maintain strong relationships with government in Africa and help towards the industrial and economic growth of their nations through oil and gas, creating not only an economic power base but also linking the West with Africa through trade.

Webb Energy started out as an oil trading company in Nigeria, with it's principles having worked for a number of the major oil trading houses in Europe. Webb Energy is involved in the physical oil trade market i.e trading of physical cargoes out of Nigeria and West African countries into the U.S gulf and Asia i.e fuel oil, import of jet AGO, PMS and Crude Oil.

In most cases on Joint Venture basis, due to Webb Energy enormous experience in the Nigeria/West African Oil Industry, we are able to effectively and efficiently provide operational service right from the point of procurement of term contracts, to the export/import of the cargoes won through tender awards.


Webb Energy provides consultancy service for explanation and production companies seeking to enter the Nigerian/West African Market place. Providing valued analysis and opinions and contacts in both E & P.

Given the opportunites that SAO TOME and Principle i.e the JDZ (Joint Development Zona) with Nigerian - offer there has been a renewed interest in African Oil activities and hydrocarbons especially from an American stand point since the aduent of September 11 and the U.S shift in strategic Oil policy from the middle east to Africa.

Finally, Webb Energy derives strength from the fact that over the years, it has been able to develop a very strong contact base in the west African oil and gas industry as well as at very high political levels within the West African and African regions as a whole.



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