Health, Safety And Environment

safety-bannerAt Webb Energy, we value safety above all else because our safety performance which is a direct reflection of our culture. We set strict standards in carrying out our business operations with the highest priority given to the safety and wellbeing of our employees over profit. All communities, visitors and employees alike are made aware of these values prior to any engagement. Achieving excellence in our Health, Safety and Environment inevitably has a direct impact on our balance sheet.


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Employee Safety

The foundation of our safety training programs lies in our HSE policies, which allows our inspectors to determine working conditions both on and offsite and ensure that at all times conditions are suitable for work. Our employees are equipped through proper training to identify and report potentially unsafe conditions.  This encourages employees to proactively monitor their work environment and prevent potential accidents in the work place,



which empower employees to stop work they believe could adversely impact the health and safety of others or the environment. Employees are highly equipped for reporting potentially unsafe conditions.  This encourages and rewards employees for proactive monitoring to prevent the escalation of a potential incident.

Contractor Safety

To further our commitment to providing a safe work environment, our HSE policies include a comprehensive contractor management and safety program.  We are committed to ensuring that our contractors and suppliers comply with our HSE standard and policies. Our contractors complete a compulsory HSE orientation process, including a safety orientation and training program before arriving at any company site.



Our contractors complete a prequalification process, including a safety orientation and training before arriving at any company site.